Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones – Charcoal – Review

Great post day and if you have seen my YouTube channel you know I am a very happy those customer I have worn many of their different headsets are recently I had the freestyle headset I was asked about biking today and unfortunately the right year dropped the sound and will probably happen was for me swaying quite a bit the microphone while I understand maybe someone more resistant is not really a true sports model of there so I think this way actually cause problems with the wiring and they got into the microphone area and probably shorted out that right your somewhat so I went to the Bose store today and changed out for these sounds for I phone and unlike the freestyle this Southport with one grain will work with my galaxy note to phone and probably my next one will be a galaxy phone as well so it works with at least assassin galaxy phone is not sure about other android phones so I will benefit as well for the microphone and the features are so happy about that so what I wanted to do is due in a boxing chair the products it does, and other colors again the one for android in the galaxy phone is green it does cite the case will be different this outline see me has always been great with the Bose headset and I would feel this would be no different here and now I’m glad that this is more sweat resistant so when working out fear that the hassle go bad with great as well post them behind their product so for the first year it’s card I was able to just upgrade and pay a little bit more money to have the sports model and he showed me how microphone is is different and how it will protect better sports were not sure that he now saw me go ahead and get the packaging open house stores in the mall today and as you can imagine the policies and it’s a quite busy but that the service and Bose store is fantastic and religious for the most part is been very very pleased this was to me unusual that that does the headset has a mission you know I use it often for specifically just working out and when you sweat you know that the microphone can happen so you can get this open I usually have very nice packaging and begin the cases can be different on this one and some of the other headsets that had previously so the skin that been here refers to the covering clothes and then inside the padding and then we got the headset in there so if you’re interested when you open the package will they go it’s all lined up they got the same piece is actually took my were piecemeal the headset they work so well and I like when I actually do/I don’t have the problems with getting into my ear this one of things I think the closest great job with their heads as to the ear so if you’re looking at a headset you never tried to close headset for working out I can tell you I’m very pleased I use it often for my bike ride in a bike often and I sweat in release it worked out very well all right so you can see them back here it’s a tape in their we got the equipment in the microphone and the openness rights as they said the green is the only color that’s available at this point for android blue fan but to me it was no big deal the earpieces are the same as you can see again I really very happy now here is the big difference with the microphone is on the hands there is there like cat so with the freestyle didn’t have these these castable wood might what happened is that the sweat could have gotten into the microphone area that the mic was is the same although it uses a different classic from what I understand but again the cats on the on both ends of the microphone is what is key for the sweat to protect it from sweat from getting in there so we got the headset with the great clip this is you can see what it looks like it doesn’t have a slider as the other headset that I had it’s so I’m okay with that looks like this the way this is set up it’s a perfect length and again it just feel so comfortable might yours really very soft rubber pieces in the different sizes they should see what they have in the packaging here so we got to see some other language information product information looks like here’s the warranty information we give the warranty information provided with this product is not applied in Australia annually New Zealand seer website for those countries for the warranty information interesting to watch that the bolus a sound sport in years headphones with operators with the Samsung galaxy device is probably gives instructions and here is the features on minute and it comes in different languages there. Got the cases so this is common different in the like this actually that I carabiner is a European clip which is cockles of my carrier headset in the case is round this time together little Styrofoam piece and then Eureka put your headset so I like that it is compact of the case versus what the other cases are so sharp looking out a message for the coloring so Bose is really good detail the Bose here it’s raised lettering you could feel really really high quality I pray for us and in here we’ve got which packaging is an additional extended cord so if you need a little bit more land you have an extender there together plastic but just know that you have this extender as well and then you have size mall earpieces you have size large and then these are size medium and the size of my eye earpieces that I have used I think are the these are the same size looks like so I am using the medium size and again they fit me very well so ahead and connect that with my to phone me actually take the subway controller works is you have your volume switches you got your buying down you got your volume up you have answered the phone with a nobody and you can hang up and then if you want to fast-forward you all you do is press the middle button present twice and he goes to the next song so you got a lot more control with this headset then I did with my freestyle headset so pleased with the quality on the headset it looks like the microphone is as well from what I understand it uses a more specialized plastic material but again most importantly is to avoid the sweat causing the damage to the headset so questions let me know again great purchase that I think that you be happy with especially if you are into sports and argues this a lot for working out and gets wet with so that you have any questions how rainbows day was the next video

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  1. I think this is largely due to the treble port on the side of the earbuds that points toward the side of the ear. However, nothing in your review reflects this, and in fact it criticizes the SoundSport for having a narrow soundstage.

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