Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine Review

A video here tonight is a thought or two minute be reviewing the Conair soothing sounds SU1W begin the remodel as you 1W and this is a sound sleep generator white noise machine and took leave for that this can be used for for anyone needing background noise but a far particular purpose of the point to give up anyone suffering from tinnitus and reading in the ears that needed relief of just just another noise in the background as something else to concentrate on so I without further ado let’s go ahead and get into this so I did the year Conair soothing sounds S you one W in the public tend to different sounds with some not too many options with the with with this generator here it does have volume here in the front I would to which is pretty unique to go up and down at got the on-off button there is pretty easy to also on the left got a timer so the timer is just in the an auto timer so on an off switch they are so not but to me options but I definitely great to have have an option like that also the particular model is portable so as you can see if I take off the bottom here I connect the app for AA batteries for complete portability are right so it’s going to into the sounds of it got rainfall running stream waterfall songbirds be white noise ocean waves summer night thunderstorm and tropical forest to start office before he Fund to him and him and I met you are a a a way for a songbirds in one of the rainfall they will include if you did sounds for what what the team sounds are in terms of the most soothing we thought the running stream white noise summer night on low volume and the tropical force those were the most soothing on here on the ones that were not very soothing to a heartbeat is not very soothing and in the songbirds particularly they just didn’t sound very natural of the other the other sounds were the most natural in terms of drawbacks for the this particular unit to some of the sounds are very natural and I think that just comes across because of the the speaker is a young mother very big speaker. Some of the other machines that we reviewed of analysis of the other machines have a better speaker there are so you some of the sounds don’t sound very natural some of the sounds don’t go together in in terms of the songbirds and just come to seem like those were very natural and the auto shut off button and we feature on their it’s can be 60 minutes so you know if you needed something to 30 minutes 45 minutes of you like that you to support outsources the one set off future and 60 minute so it’s better than nothing and the only other thing I know I said some of the sounds that and it seemed like they were massive in the studio, or not very natural sounds to other than that you noticed this is one of the more inexpensive models out there and if you’re looking to get into something for not not very much money this will definitely you review and will provide a very back from the way that you need so for something portable and inexpensive is so always going for the live demo here and then review so after more more reviews on to the machines and machines related to tinnitus definitely click on Arlington I’ visit us at our site and you can also click the link within the description or find the most part, much talk to soon

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