Could you use a steady stream of Qualified, Motivated HIFU Patients…

IMS gets HIFU Patients FOR YOU! With A Proven, Turnkey Online HIFU Marketing Program… Could you use a steady stream of Qualified, Motivated HIFU Patients who come to you Without YOU having to lift a Finger?

Imagine a steady supply of new, qualified HIFU patients contacting you for help with their prostate cancer condition… without you doing any work to get these new patients into your office.

Sound interesting? Well… We’ve Got Some Great News For You! Instant Marketing Systems is the leading online Marketing & Consulting firm for HIFU physicians that gets you results with qualified patients and BEST of All…

IMS Does ALL the Work for YOU! Partnering with Instant Marketing Systems allows you to focus on being a world class urologist… while WE focus on increasing your PATIENTS for YOU!

Sound like something you might be interested in knowing more about? Now you can put an end to the use of costly trial and error methods that don’t work to get qualified HIFU patients! You can finally stop wasting your… TIME, ENERGY and MONEY.

While SonaCare Medical has been working hard to promote HIFU …to physicians and the public, the reality is that few people type in “HIFU” in Google when researching options for treating prostate cancer. Only 1,300 people a month search for “HIFU” in the US and Canada, while…

135,000 people search for “Prostate Cancer” each month. These are the searches you NEED to capture if you want to turbo-charge the number of qualified HIFU patients who will automatically come to YOU! So… if people aren’t looking for HIFU online, but they are researching prostate cancer…how are they going to?

1. Find you and your practice online?
2. Decide to call YOUR practice for an initial Consult?

Answer: Doing traditional, old school online marketing won’t work…

It requires using NEW, up-to-date, state-of-the-art online marketing strategies to get people in your market area to contact YOU…as opposed to your competition!

Remember, if someone has prostate cancer, they will be utilizing a physician for treatment. Here are the two, “Million Dollar Questions” you have to ask yourself:

1. Will They Be Using YOU… Or One Of Your Competitors?
2. How Will They Choose YOU… Instead Of Your Competition?

Answer for both questions is…


So…how do you become the BEST MARKETER in your local area?

Being The BEST MARKETER Requires That You First: Create A Comprehensive Marketing Plan That Includes:

Getting Traffic to Your Website: That means being on the 1st Page Of Google
Have A High Converting Optin Page PLUS Capturing The Contact Info of Prospective Patients
Having A Follow Up System To Maximize Patient Conversions
Having A Marketing & Conversion Website
(Not Just A Pretty Site, But One That Actually Gets Patients!)

Social Media Marketing: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
Regular Communication With Your Prospects, Patients And Referring Doctors (email, e-newsletters)
Direct Mail
Managing Your Online Reputation – Patient Testimonial Management
Video Marketing

You Need A Marketing Plan That Coordinates And Integrates ALL These Marketing Actions…If Your Goal Is To Maximize Billings For HIFU Patients… And Other Types of Patients As Well!

You Can Choose To Learn About the 2015 World Class Level Online Marketing, Spending Thousands Of Hours Learning, Blowing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Trial And Error… Or…

You Can Schedule A FREE, Half Hour, No-Obligation Consultation With IMS To Discuss Your Practice’s Needs…and How IMS Could Help You Grow Your HIFU and Other Urology Billings!


Please contact us for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION to see if our TURNKEY, DONE-FOR-YOU HIFU Marketing Solution makes sense! The consultation takes about 30 minutes, is FREE…and we aren’t going to try to sell you anything!

We’ll ask you questions about your practice, your marketing, answer your questions and see where we go from there. If we cannot help you, or you’re not interested in our… DONE FOR YOU HIFU MARKETING that’s fine.

Worse Case Scenario is you’ll be more educated about your HIFU Marketing issues… And know what to do about them!

Bottom Line is, IMS Will Help YOU Get Started To Build Your Practice On-Line

OK, here’s an irresistible offer to contact us for your FREE HIFU Marketing Consultation…

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FREE Guide “Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation Secrets For Urologists” …$97 Value

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity TODAY and complete the form below to submit your request for your FREE Consultation and Gifts! Partnering with Instant Marketing Systems allows you to focus on being a world class urologist… while WE focus on increasing PATIENTS for YOU!

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