EXACTLY HOW Chandler David Smith went from $0 in wealth to over $6,000,000 in real estate

What’s up everybody! It’s me Kevin here with Chandler David Smith Adam Aiello falls Idaho. Chandler started with zero money your knowledge and anything selling door to door pest-control contracts now owns and controls over $1 million of real estate is about to close on another duplex and when I heard these numbers at first for some it is just 28 years old while we were skiing yesterday, the first thing I said is BS prove it to me.

What we do today we went and looked at all this properties was Clint, due from Jackson here to Jackie about we put all your money to do it right and real estate maybe my real estate because I’d like anywhere else can provide you the returns because you got cash flow principal paydown you got tax benefits you got everything ready get way better return much safer place a lot of other avenues to force appreciation by getting a really good deals in real thing 100% for me my favorite place to find really good deals is to find some one who is selling who selling what they think is market value according to the rents but I know their rents are extremely low so I can buy it because no one else pick that up.

I jump up the grandsons and I’m getting huge returns and I got into a property that really was below market value to know that it not only did you get a wedge deal on this because there some elements of deferred maintenance you also that went on this because that the seller was selling it with the rents closer maybe 600 and so when they did their math they were thinking okay yeah market value with the rents where the czar should be somewhere around acts and you thought that’s what they think but I know I can push the rents and so my market value says this is actually a great purchase at 300 K.


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