Gold Plated Jewelry – Pope Francis Memorabilia – Pope Francis In The Philippines 2015

The waters where Jesus was baptized and the land where he walked are brought together in this wonderful 24K gold-plated jewelry. Beautiful Gold Plated Jewelry you will ever own.
The holy element cross from the Holy Land for the first time in the Philippines.
This is a Pope Francis Memorabilia.
This Holy Element cross contains water of this sacred river Jordan
where Jesus was baptized, A blessing for you or your love ones.
The cross also contains soil from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.
This cross contains soil from this sacred place. A true blessing from the holy land.
This jewelry is in remembrance of Pope Francis In The Philippines 2015.
So get your Holy Element Cross
With Soil from Bethlehem and Water from Jordan River

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