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Hey everyone. This is Robert Mercado here. Coming to you with a very exciting tool called “Pic Redirect” that is web-based and compatible for PC and Mac which allows you now post clickable images on Facebook. That’s right now people can simply click on any image of your choice and it will automatically redirect them to any website of your choice as well. But I was in the back office which will also have access to immediately after you purchase your copy of “Pic Redirect”. And I want to show you literally how simple it is to not only post an ordinary image because we all know how to do that but now give it the power to be a clickable image in a few simple steps. So I am going to click “select pic here”. I’m going to choose the picture I want. I have a “Pic Redirect” one there. I’m going to put in a Facebook title for example I’m going to put “click the image above now”. I’m going to put up Facebook description “here is a powerful tool that totally changes the game for marketing on Facebook”. And then I am actually goint to put in a call to action URL. Right, so you’re going to put in a website that you want the image to go to once it’s clicked. I’m going to put “”. I going to hit “share on Facebook”.

Now, you can choose between your own wall. You can choose between a friend’s timeline. share in the group, share in a page you manage or send a private message. I’m going to click share on a page you manage. Now, I have a couple pages. I’m going to choose my main one which is Robert Mercado and what I want to do is type in here. I want to type in an example “If you’re marketing on Facebook without Pic Redirect, you are missing out big time. Click the image below to see the power”. So you type that in. Make sure this is on public over here so everyone sees it. You can hit “Share Link” and boom! That’s it! You’re done! Now, that literally took less than a minute and if I just went through this without explaining and showing you everything you would take less than 30 seconds to do and your posting images on Facebook already. But why not have it redirect to any website of your choice with a simple click. Let me show you. Let go to my fan page. I’m going to refresh the page and you’ll see here that my latest post was the post that I just did. There will be a URL right here underneath your title that redirects only to the site that you place in your pic redirect back office. Now, this is Facebook compliance for those of you who have that concern and if you choose to promote or sponsor or boost post, they will get approved.

We are using the same process to link these images and URLs as Facebook does. Now of course there are many advantages of utilizing pic redirect one of them being that we are mobile friendly and also work on tablets. Now this post reads, if you’re marketing on Facebook without pic redirect, you are missing out big time, click the image below to see the power. All they’re going to do is click the image and he goes to any site that you wanted to go to. Now you also have the ability to post to Google plus as well so what you would you do is the same process everything is here under one platform you just going to select the pic so I am going to my pics for example see you on the beaches of the world click here and by the way you’ll have images just like this that are included as a bonus for picking up your copy today so for title for example if I wanted to put click the image above description is only for Facebook so we don’t need a description and the URL that we would put for example I just put just for example purposes. I’m going to click share on Google plus. it’s going to open up a window rate here and again you can put a description right there. I’m going to put click the image below to get started and this is just an example you can obviously put whatever you want you can add more people whose in your circles depending on how many circles you have you can put it public.

I’ll leave it public for now. I’m going to hit share. Soon as I hit share, I would go over to my Google plus account I would refresh the page so I can show you and there is it. So as soon as someone clicks on the image goes directly to any website and the website that I wanted it to go to is pic redirect. Folks, this is so powerful grab your copy below. We were thinking about putting it for a price of 97 bucks we reduced it to $27 and yes that’s a 1 time payment $27 one time payment. Here are some results from one of our users Melvin Crolly Junior, he said Robert Mercado, this software is by far the best thing I have ever used on Facebook in the process of making a video for proof if you use some simple marketing techniques with this software the results are through the roof use the tracking link attached to track my picture to see how many clicked. I was amazed over 80 clicks and 20 opt ins. Now, here’s a big-time marketer Mac who says how would you like to turn your Facebook photo post into 1,573 clicks on that pic which you can redirect any website of your choice this new to helps you do just that my click through rates have went up three times from before when I was just posting pics with a call to action to click my link to go to my website for more info click the image below for demo disclaimer really cool pics and clicks not included. So the clicks aren’t included but 1,573 clicks three times from before when he was posting just pics.

Pretty powerful. Now, here are some upcoming features included in the one time payment of $27 that you make today first is tracking stats you can have the capabilities of seeing how many clicks each post gets the conversion ratio and so many other different tracking stats right inside your pic redirect back office scheduled posts let’s say you wanted to actually make a clickable image post for 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock or later in the evening where you can actually scheduled your posts right in the back office of pic redirect. Pinterest, another social platform that you also get a be able to have these clickable images and it’s all under one roof. You’re also going to have the capability of having opt in clickable images that’s right so people can actually entering your email on your image post and as soon as they click you know continue work click here I’ll take him right to that page that you decide. And last but not least you’re actually going to have the ability to fully customize images. That’s right, you can add text you can add graphics, arrows on it. So you don’t have to outsource your artwork redesign work which saves you money and you don’t have to exit do-it-yourself which will save a lot of time and energy. People pay for advertising to actually get an image like this and then sponsor their post to have an image clickable just like this now you can do it grab your copy right now. I’ll see you guys in the inside this is exciting and we’ll help you to take your marketing to a whole different level. take care guys. I’ll see you in the inside.


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