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Hey guys. Joshua Zamora here. Thank you for taking the time to watch this quick video. In the next few minutes you’re going to see something that you’ve never seen before. You’re going to see how you can finally start getting traffic and sales from your videos. You’re going to see how you can quickly and reliably get your videos to the top of Google in 48 hours or less. You’ll finally be able to start getting the rankings traffic and sales that you deserve and the best part is you’re going to see how you can do all of that from one easy-to-use web-based software. That means you can finally start getting results from your videos without having any complicated software without having to deal with any license keys without worrying whether you need a Mac or PC without ever having to create any email accounts for marketing purposes and without ever having to create any account on bookmarking sites or any other syndication sites for that matter.

We eliminated all those headaches for you and created the simplest video marketing platform you’ve ever seen. We’ve made it as simple as creating your account on our web-based platform submitting your video details and keywords and just sitting back and watching your videos rank. You’re going to see a live case study of me ranking a video in just 10 hours by following the exact three steps above because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you’re making ultra professional videos with softwares like explaindio videomaker FX easy sketch Pro or any other video creation software. If those videos you’re making are not turning into traffic and profits like this where we rank a brand new video in just 10 hours or like this video that was ranking on page 1 of Google for a high converting keyword or like this work just one video has already promised over 50 high-quality leads or this work our videos pay us every single month.

If your videos are not producing results like that then let’s face it you’re running a nonprofit organization and I am pretty sure you got into this whole online thing to make a profit right. Yeah I thought so and today we’re changing the way video marketing works forever. For the first time ever you can be able to give rankings and traffic from your videos all from the cloud that means our software runs 100% from your web browser. You see I’ve been successful on video marketing because I’m good at turning what used to take hours upon hours of manual labor and automating the entire thing into one easy-to-use software that does all the heavy lifting for you. But this time we’ve taken that a step further. Our entire video marketing blueprint and turned it into an easy software that anyone can use. If you can fill out a few details about your video you can use our software. Allow me to introduce you to video rankr.

Video Rankr is our brand you web-based technology that have been producing page 1 rankings in 48 hours or less by syndicating your videos to all the top video sharing sites syndicating your videos to all the top of the bookmarking sites syndicating your videos to all the top video blogging sites syndicating your videos to over 300 of the top directory sites syndicating your videos to over 300 high quality 301 redirects sites syndicating your videos to all the high-quality URL shortening sites and much much more. Now before I jump into the live case study take a look at what some of our beta users have to say. Daniel says I have used almost every tool out there claiming to build links for videos but this is extremely simple and fast. I didn’t even need to input any social network account details. Added a campaign and within a few hours the link report was ready. Now this is automated. Kudos to the VR team. Nicole says with Google changing their algorithm frequently now there’s only one thing that is working consistently for me. Social bookmarks.

There are a lot of different tools that you can create them with but in my experience VR is the best one by far. It allows you not only to create any number of social bookmarks but also to drip feed your campaigns ping the links afterwards and do it off from one place to save time. We simply have a winner here. Ming Lee says amazing to find an online tool that really does what it says. I was a beta tester and got a chance to test the powerful link building modules of video rankr and less than 48 hours my video jump from page 4 to page one for a medium competition keyword and sneak out of the 301 views curse. And we have one testimonial coming in every week. We hope to hear about your success next. Lastly, make sure once you’re done watching the live case study take advantage of the special offer we have on this page. We got an amazing early bird discount that will only last for the next few days. And once the timer expires the price will be going up so make sure you act quickly. And now let’s jump into the life case study.


You need a software that can automate the tasks for you. That’s right, automation. Once you rank a video on youtube, you get a lot of traffic to what you are promoting. And traffic means money. This revolutionary software will do the job for you. We have made a lot of money using this software. You can check our earning proof in the video. And you do not need to learn the technical side because this software will take care of it for you. This is the perfect youtube video marketing tool on the planet. This is a seo youtube video on steroids. Buy it now!

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