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Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics Wireless Earphones Review

Dale reviewing retail Tronics Bluetooth earbud headphones these headphones are fairly new for Tektronix and they are targeted toward an active type of headphones where the earbuds actually do great job at staying in her ear while while jogging for instance and the control panel these headphones is actually earbud and not on the cord so when you’re being very active the phone still don’t easily slip out so let’s go over the features of the headphones and the closer look at these these headphones are very late in design the weight is distributed mostly within the earbud itself the headphones come with two types of stabilizers they come with a wing wing ear hooks which are a slightly newer style of your hook stabilizers and he also come with the standard standard your hooks as well if you don’t like the new winged hero design I personally like the ear hook design the wing deer hook design it does a real great job at pushing the earbuds into your ear and staying keeping to be a very stable you get about five hours of playback with these headphones and that’s pretty is pretty good the Bluetooth technology is off for the auto which is slightly older than what’s currently the newest on the mark which is for a one which mutual cc the five hour battery life versus a six are better life in the 401 not a big deal to these headphones also include a PTX audio coding technology which delivers CD like quality over Bluetooth this is a new type of technology that that does do a great job at compressing the audio at a high rate so you won’t notice any created sound it is high quality sound and constant doesn’t degrade over time also includes CBC six auto noise canceling technology others technology is what will give you your noise noise suppression and it also has some audio enhancements to it the the does do a great job down over and annoy if you are shy from seeing the noise cancellation mainly because the earbuds themselves but there is some technology in here to help with noise reduction from outside sources must take a look around the headphones Lemoore the main button is on the front of the unit itself on the on the right speaker when you click that you can turn the unit on and off nice and nice Margie’s that hit the volume rocker is on the sides and right below that is your microphone the earbud it has a very steep angle that with the included ear hook does do an excellent job at keeping the ear keeping the earbud firmly in your ear however did feel it did feel comfortable wearing prolonged uses as well overall very happy with these headphones by Tektronix I would recommend you check amount especially if you are looking for a pair headphones for using a gym urge for jogging the. They’re very stable in the ear and they do provide excellent audio quality so if you any questions going let me know the comments otherwise things watching.

Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones – Review

Hello buddy with both ships also the things here on Amazon across the Internet a lot of people ask me to know what are your favorite headphones because you review quite a few on line item here today my loyal materialistic menu to tell you that these are my favorite headphones specifically for sporting type activities this is what they look like the other copy and how cheated and this is why like the first of all the Bluetooth so wireless there’s no wired tingling down here to get in your way secondly it’s just how they fit in your ears and about you but when you’re running a little dangling ones or other type of headphones that smash straight on your always having to adjust the these they poke right in their and for extra security there is a little something that goes over years and the Shipley grip gently gripped the back of your head so they really really stay in place you will forget about these once you put them all very very cool editor wondering they fold up very nicely and that you can stick to your gym bag or backpack and just move on if you ever confuse how to put these on just making mental notes are is for right L is for left obviously I hope you know that I just hold it like this and what you visualize it in front of you take it and put it right like that my wife was actually having issues with the trying to untangle it for the dog just unravel it and put it straight on very easy very simple and they do come with extra earplugs in case your canals are abnormally large identities would fit 90% of people out there I just the stock ones that come on here they’re very easy to to turn on which I like about these things so up top rate here rarely see the little black button so all of the buttons on the right-hand side I get a lot of headphones were buttons on both sides in your trying to adjust the volume and get up turning them off all the buttons are on the right side which is cool the top button is the on off button if you hold it down for 5 to 10 seconds it will go to Bluetooth. Mode and will connect to your iPhone or MacBook Pro and then underneath is the other forward and back button I believe no I’m sorry the volume up and down there is no 40 back but not these very minimalist volume up and down and that also they have the small little tiny USB port and that’s how you charge the using the included USB cable as for talking on the phone with these things it’s possible I review it on Amazon across the Internet if you’re wondering why so funny because I recording you the how to get headphone and right now I am back to talking directly into the iPhone not into any sort of Bluetooth speaker headphone anything of that nature my mouth is about 3 inches away from my iPhone not using any sort of Bluetooth headset whatsoever if you really want to talk on the phone with with incredible clarity get a microphone it’s right next to your your your mouth on you to take a few calls with this but I would not suggest using this if you’re a good rely off of this up at a call center or if you’re using this for business trips or anything you do some very unprofessional and very poor is just the nature of all of these headphones with a microphone all the way back here because it’s this far away from your mouth and are projecting out in this direction and so it’s really hard for this to pick up just your voice does is also picking up everything behind you just the nature of these headphones that have Mike’s right on the ear also with having said is a five and a five-star type product they look cool they sound incredible they stay in place of their extremely comfortable on battery life last me more than several workouts worth and stress when looking for nice people at mPower as well that she sent me this sample in exchange for honest test and through demonstration and review as it passes my honest review with flying colors five out of five stars if you wanted to work out music pick these things up you will not regret it claims both ships you and I hope you can do this fantastic.