Citizen Men’s AT8020-03L “Blue Angels World A-T” Eco-Drive Watch Review

I am Karla that this is the citizen blue Angels world chronograph watch this is a watch that has a lot of great functionality built in your dials on the front to indicate hundreds of the second military time it’s got minute counter they also have dual functions to 20 what they of the week it’s on and it also shows you powers are so you know how much charges (the battery this unit does run on their echo drive system so it uses power that it gets from any light source so you don’t affiliate of the outside you can be sitting in your office with that would you like the above you that will be enough to charge the battery see really don’t have to worry about this ever running out of charge also has a perpetual calendar built so once you set it on your run out of power it’s can keep track of the day of the week the month everything like Betsy don’t worry about ever being off time and that being said it also runs off of the atomic clock so every night to send out a radio signal to this watch make sure that it set to the right time see don’t have to worry about ever running late for anything the designer that’s really nice step-by-step fire crystal phase science he don’t have to worry about it scratching it’s a really durable material also a nice blue leather band as well that really tender sets it off it is the blue Angels edition so having that we want abandonment one face really make it look nice but that’s the citizen blue Angels world chronograph watch check it out and like comments and subscribe on YouTube