There Is A Cure For Cancer

It is difficult for some reason to obtain permission to treat patients in the United States. I think that country has the finest bureaucratic regulations in the world. The patient has to go through very difficult bureaucratic process. Usually they won’t be able to go through because they died in the process. For some reason they don’t want to have a cure for cancer. My name is Sgt. Schiff, an 11 year veteran of San Francisco Police Department. I hold the department’s highest medal of honor for bravery used to me a lot more to me than it does now. What I like to talk about today is my now seven-year-old daughter. This is an identical twin. Her sister is now dead. Her sister when she was four years old Kristin developed a highly malignant brain tumor that spread throughout her spine and her brain. The doctors told us that we had really two options take-home let her die or bring her in for massive dosages of chemo and radiation simultaneously in either event she was going to die there were quite certain of that and very quickly I believing her only chance to be the standard route we gave her the chemo and radiation. It burned her skull so bad should second-degree burns and her hair never came back. To change her diapers we had wear rubber gloves because her urine was so toxic and it burned her. At the end of six months miraculously she survived the standard treatment although there was a high expectation she wouldn’t. She still had cancer we were told sorry we done anything we can now she’s going to die probably within a couple of months. My wife and I choosing not to accept that started reading first book I picked up the third chapter discussed Dr. Brezinski, as you may guess I have some expertise in fraud fact I’m quite certain there are enough attorneys in the room like before Dearden is an expert in fraud and I conducted my own investigation and no doubt the man is not a fraud I have no doubt that he does what he does earnest belief that his medicine works in aorta position to judge for yourselves whether it works or not but is well established by the FDA that’s non-toxic. 18 months later we took my daughter off the antineoplaston, she had not died, she had no signs of tumor, she remained free for 18 months of cancer. Within a month the cancer was widespread in her brain put her back on Brezinski’s by the way the objections of our doctors for some reason felt that it had failed her. We put her back on within nine weeks the tumor was completely gone. She died last July of neurological necrosis. Her brain fell apart from the radiation. The autopsy showed that she was completely cancer free. Out of 52 cases of that disease ever, no one died cancer free, just Chrissy. So she didn’t die of a terminal illness. She died of my inability to care for her properly. She died from bad advice. She died because of a government institution that disseminates false information and is not looking out for the welfare of the people. Here ladies and gentlemen I swore an oath 11 years ago and I think most of us in this room swore at one time or another to uphold the Constitution says life quite the beginning…

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