Trace Mayer Interview – State Of Bitcoin Heading Into 2019

00:00 – Intro + who is Trace Mayer
01:45 – Bitcoin being the hardest money we’ve ever seen
3:00 – Is Trace worried about Bitcoin dying
7:47 – What’ll happen to Bitcoin if the stock market crashes
11:22 – Proof of Keys and why it’s so important
15:40 Exchanges getting hacked, Fiat losing value
17:00 How to secure your crypto – Why Trace doesn’t like Trezor/Ledger
21:30 – What advice do you have for people that got rekt in Crypto?
24:55 – What advice do you have for high-net worth individuals?
29:00 – Any other emerging trends in Crypto or outside?
32:18 – Real world uses of bitcoin side-chains?
34:26 – Could Bitcoin implement privacy & run DApps and become a competitor that’ll replace Monero, Zcash, Ethereum & EOS?
37:12 Thoughts on security tokens ICOs, and the SEC
38:29 Bitcoin’s fast pace of improvement
41:05 – What it feels like to be in the Crypto space in 2018 vs 2013
43:30 – Crypto adoption vs the adoption of the Internet in the 1990’s
45:55 – Final words

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