I will teach you how to produce professional marketing videos for free. And these are the benefits that you will get for being my student.

1. Learn Adobe After Effects on how to use the software and how to produce Hollywood film effects, produce high quality videos and short films using your smartphone, iPhone, and DSLR camera. And so much more!

2. Learn how to produce Powtoon videos. I’ll give you free access to my Powtoon so you can produce awesome explainer videos while learning to use the software. NEW UPDATE: Now upgraded to BUSINESS account $127 /month or $1,524 /year. You can now produce full HD 720p and 1080p. Upload to Youtube in Full HD quality. Unlimited Royalty free music and Royalty free styles.

3. Join our discussion. Share your thoughts, expectations, and what you want to achieve so we can help and guide each other.

4. I can see that you are all internet marketers from beginners to experts so I will give you free access to my Tutsplus so you can go through any tutorials that you need to help grow your business. NEW UPDATE: Upgraded to Yearly $180/year. You can now access to all 520 courses (902+ hours), Mobile-friendly videos, New courses weekly (200+ per year), No advertising on all 19,520+ tutorials, Downloadable videos, Download up to 5 eBooks per month

5. Learn to produce outstanding videos for your family, mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, wedding, christmas, parties, business, or anything that you can think of with Animoto. Experiment with different features and styles. There’s no limit to how creative you can get. NEW UPDATE: Upgraded to Animoto Professional $29.99/month or $359.88/year. HD Quality. 50+ Basic Styles. 20+ Prpfessional and Customizable Styles. 2,000 Music Tracks. No Animoto logo, add your own logo. Download to computer. Call-to-action button.

6. NEW UPDATE: Get access to over 2,000 professional graphics for explainer videos. You can finally customize explainer videos with these awesome graphics.

7. NEW UPDATE: Members are now exchanging Youtube likes, subscribe, comments, and views with other members. This will help boost Youtube video rankings.

8. NEW UPDATE: I am willing to help you out in your Fiverr journey free of charge. When a Fiverr Gig gets sales and reviews from buyers, the gig can rank high in the search engine. When your gig ranks in search results, you’ll receive more traffic and more chances of sales. I can help rank your gig by purchasing your gig using your money and then leave a 5 star review. In order to do this, you can send money to me through Paypal and I’ll use that money to buy your own gig. 1 gig cost $5 on Fiverr and you only need to send me the same amount through Paypal. All members who are Fiverr sellers can also participate in the exchanges so everyone can get sales and reviews from different people.

9. NEW UPDATE: You will have access to a tool where you can know your website’s rankings in Google search results based on a keyword. This tool is for SEO and I thought that it might be useful to you.

10. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 8 different ready made typography videos that you can use right away. You can also edit the videos by adding music and voice over using a video editor such as Sony Vegas. My Udemy course can show you how to add music and a voice over.

11. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 16 different whiteboard animation videos with voice overs which you can use right away. You can edit these videos by splitting the video from the audio using Vegas, deleting the video and adding your own animation to produce a video similar to my fiverr demo video. You can also use Powtoon if you like to add a cartoon animation. Bring out the creativity in you as a videographer. The more you produce videos, the better you get at it.

12. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 30 graphics in .png and .svg that you can use in your animation videos. The .svg graphics are perfect for explaindio whiteboard handdrawing animation videos.

13. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 100 .png transparent background images related to business, fitness, construction, shopping, and kitchen crew. And because these images are in .png transparent background, you can put them as overlay to any background that you wish. You can also use them for your videos.

14. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 31 .png And .ai Cartoon Characters. You can use these graphics in your videos and in your web design, logo, banner, etc.

15. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 20 different sound effects that you can use in your video production projects.

16. NEW UPDATE: Video is the future of internet marketing. Every business needs videos to market their products. But the problem is video editing softwares can be expensive to others. But there is a way to edit your videos for free. You do not need to spend money to buy any softwares. And you do not need to install any softwares. I have prepared a video tutorial on how to do this.

17. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared 38 logo designs that you can edit in Photoshop. I’ve included the fonts that were used for the logos.

18. NEW UPDATE: I have included a free explainer video template in after effects. You can now create an explainer video in a short time. There is also a video tutorial on how to do this. You can wow your customers with an awesome explainer video.

19. NEW UPDATE: When I produce video commercials for clients, I sometimes need to come up with cool graphics for a book mentioned in the script. I want to impress my client so I beautify the book with a cool cover graphics so when I animate the book in the video commercial, it looks even more professional. I have prepared 25 professional looking kindle cover graphics which you can edit in Photoshop.

20. NEW UPDATE: Create your own squeeze pages for your videos without buying any software. It can generate an index.html and you can customize it using Dreamweaver and other free tools.

21. NEW UPDATE: I have prepared hundreds of cool looking header graphics with psd so you can edit them and do whatever you like such as change the text, fonts, images, colors, etc. You can use these headers in your sites or pages for your video.

22. NEW UPDATE: Learn how to edit and produce screen capture videos using free softwares. There are times that we are watching live streaming and we want to capture the event and make changes to the video such as by adding our own information. This tutorial will teach you how to do it.

23. NEW UPDATE: Learn how to build a list from Youtube, create video content, get your videos rank high for specific keywords, optimize video keyword, configure Youtube account and settings and more.

24. NEW UPDATE: Learn how to watch online TV shows.

25. NEW UPDATE: Learn to start, improve and grow your offline business.

26. NEW UPDATE: Learn how to use video marketing in your business..

27. AND MORE UPDATES TO COME! There are more inside the VIP area than what I have listed above.