With increased terror and cyber threats, nations and organizations…



Get quality affordable American-based certificate or degree in the emerging fields, such as cyber security, and anti-terrorism.

With increased terror and cyber threats, nations and organizations are looking for trained individuals with the skills and knowledge to fight 21st century global threats.

Huritt Global Business School has taken the steps in developing a collaborating relationship with American Public University, a top United States institution that has the depth of curriculum and breadth of experience in national security education.

Study 100% online with local support system at Huritt Global Business School in Nigeria.

From the convenience of your home and with a local support system in Nigeria—you will always be supported by American Public University’s tradition for exceptional student services.

Enroll today for one of the programmes in National and Global Security, Cyber Security, Intelligence Studies, Emergency and Disaster Management, and many other specialties. Learn about national defense, terrorism, insurgence, interagency collaboration, and many more.

For more information, including enrollments and costs, contact Huritt Global Business School in Nigeria.

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