You are a Genius

The Genius Test by Roger Hamilton

There are 4 types of Geniuses. We all have a part of each Genius, but we are strongest in one. When we focus at that one, it’s like choosing one position in a game of football. It gives you a chance to excel in one area, and be of most value to everyone else in the team. It means people will start passing you the ball in life, instead of you constantly chasing the ball.

Dynamo Genius (Ideas Smart)
You are great at starting things, but not so good at finishing. Greats from Einstein to Steve Jobs and Richard Branson share this genius.

Blaze Genius (People Smart)
You love people, but get distracted quickly. Icons from Marilyn Monroe to Oprah and Donald Trump share this genius.

Steel Genius (Detail Smart)
You take care with detail, but are often over-cautious. Figures from Warren Buffett to Henry Ford and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg share this genius.

Tempo Genius (Senses Smart)
You are grounded, but often get lost in activity. Leaders from Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa share this genius.

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